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We know our most important assets are our staff.  Everyone at Waverley housing is committed to ensuring our continued success, through providing good homes and an excellent service for all of our residents, building relationships which are based on transparency, professionalism and respect.

In most cases our Customer Services Team will be a tenant’s first contact when they telephone or visit our offices and details can be found on our Contact Us section which also includes a comprehensive who’s who at Waverley Housing with relevant contact details.

This section details all of the staff which currently make up the Waverley Housing team as we understand there may be occasions when tenants need to speak to staff members from our housing and property repairs teams or when they need to speak with somebody about community development in their local area.  Also, whilst rarely seen by tenants, the below list also includes details of our ‘behind the scenes’ staff whose name may appear on documentation sent out to tenants.

Executive Team

Fraser Kelly (Chief Executive)
Gregor Booth (Operations Director)

Business Support Team

Margaret Hogg (Business Support Manager)
Joyce Wright (Executive Assistant)
June Wilson (Executive Assistant)
Ian Mayo (Administrative Assistant)

Finance & IT Team

Reuben Basak (Finance Manager)
Linda Borthwick (Finance Officer)
Mandy Armstrong (Finance Assistant)
Diane Cumming (Finance Assistant)
Steven Pearce (IT Officer)
Craig Matear (IT Assistant)

Housing Team

Lenore Suddon (Housing Services Manager)
Debbie Kilgour (Housing Officer)
Tracy Murray (Housing Officer)
Gail Morrison (Housing Officer)
Derek Grieve (Financial Inclusion Officer)
Kirsty Reilly (Housing Assistant)
Rachel Hunter (Housing Assistant)
Louise Davies (Housing Assistant)
Tanya Domingo (Housing Services Assistant)
Judith Anderson (Housing Services Assistant)
Lee-Anne McGeorge (Customer Services Assistant)
Aileen Rafferty (Customer Services Assistant)
Kendra Douglas (Tenant Support Worker)

Property Services Team

Carole Yallop (Property Services Manager)
Greg Easton (Clerk of Works)
Alan Peffers (Stock Condition Surveyor)
Derek Gibson (Property Services Officer)
Emma Coltman (Property Compliance Assistant)
Shelley Scott (Property Services Assistant)
Jenny Sharp (Property Services Assistant)

Trades Team

Paul Doogan (Electrician)
Ryan Cockburn (Electrician)
Kenneth Forsyth (Builder)
Douglas Wilson (Plumber)
Andrew Brisbane (Plumber/Gas Fitter)
Graham Blacklock (Plumber)
Derek Scott (Joiner)
Michael Johnston (Joiner)
Rory Smith (Roofer)
Steven Forrest (Joiner/Handyperson)
Cliff Worrell (Handyperson)
Bruce Campbell (Planned Maintenance Team)
Connor Brunton (Planned Maintenance Team)
Neil Cunningham (Planned Maintenance Team)
Steven Irvine (Painter & Decorator/Handyperson)
John Jackson (Joiner/Handyperson – Voids Team)
Stephen Carver (Voids Team)
Scott Horsfall (Joiner/Handyperson – Voids Team)
Calum McLeod (Voids Team)
Donald Laurie (Estate Maintenance Operative)
Darren Tennant (Voids Team))
Duncan Campbell (Estates Maintenance Operative)
Alan Ormiston (Estates Maintenance Operative)
Ruaridh MacLeod (Apprentice Joiner)
Harris Campbell (Apprentice Roofer)
Jack McDonald (Apprentice Painter)
Steven Drummond (Apprentice Joiner)
Monica Riddell (Apprentice Painter)

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