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We are partners in Financial Inclusion Project Borders (FIPB).  This means that we have an independent Financial Inclusion Officer, Derek Grieve, working with us whose aim is to help you, our tenants,  gain the confidence, knowledge and tools to get on top of your finances and keep them under control.

Our Financial Inclusion Officer can:

  • Help you plan out the best way forward for your circumstances
  • Make sure you get all the benefits you are entitled to
  • Discuss your best banking options
  • Prioritise and deal with your bills and debts
  • Discuss borrowing options
  • Advise on savings on food, fuel and lifestyle costs
  • Look at ways to reduce your home energy bills
  • Help you work out a personal budget

You can call us for a confidential chat on 01450 364200 and ask to speak to our Financial Inclusion Officer, Derek Grieve or speak to your Housing Officer who will arrange this for you.

Read our handy leaflet on how to get your grown up kids to pay their share here.

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