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Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are an integral part of Waverley Housing’s performance management framework. They sit behind the Business Plan, linking the day-to-day activities of the organisation to its strategic objectives.

Waverley’s KPIs

  • are a simple, transparent measure of performance for tenants, board members, staff, regulators and other stakeholders;
  • reflect the priorities of the organisation as set out in the Business Plan
  • provide the organisation with challenging but realistic targets to promote continuous improvement
  • are reviewed mid-yearly and annually to ensure they remain challenging and appropriate in a changing environment
  • take into account the performance of peer organisations as part of a benchmarking process.

View our quarterly performance against our Key Performance Indicators by clicking on the links below:

Quarter 1 – As at 30 June 2016
Quarter 2 – As at 30 September 2016
Quarter 3 – As at 31 December 2016

If you have any queries or would like more information on our KPIs and performance, please contact us.

Charter Performance Report

The Scottish Social Housing Charter sets out the Standards and Outcomes that all social landlords should aim to achieve when performing their housing activities.

Our Charter Reports provide you with information on the Outcomes achieved by Waverley Housing. Working with our Customer Review Panel of tenants, we hope that the reports are clear and informative for, in particular, our tenants but also for other interested parties.  There are comparisons with other landlords’ performance, so that you can see where we are performing well, and in the areas where we are performing not so well, our proposals for improvement.

We welcome any feedback and if you are a Waverley Housing tenant and would like to have some input into our next Charter Report, please let us know via our Contact Form and we will get in touch.

You can view our Annual Charter Performance Reports and also read the latest Scottish Housing Regulator’s Landlord Report on Waverley Housing here.

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