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Future Planned Changes to Housing Benefit/Housing Element of Universal Credit

From April 2019, if your tenancy started with Waverley Housing after 01/04/2016 and you:

  • Are single
  • Have no children or dependents living with you
  • Are aged under 35 years of age
  • Are in receipt of Housing Benefit or the Housing Element of Universal Credit

You will be affected by changes that the UK Government has introduced.  This change means that the amount of your rent and service charge (where applicable), that is covered by housing benefit or the housing element of Universal credit at present, will be limited to the Local Housing Allowance Shared Accommodation rate.  This Shared Accommodation Rate applies even if you do not share your home with anyone.

This rate is the maximum housing benefit or housing element of universal credit that you will be able to receive after 1 April 2019 and is set at the rate for renting a room in a shared house.  This applies even if you rent a self-contained property from Waverley.

To illustrate how this might affect you the following example is given.  At present if your weekly rent for a 1 bed property is £63.57 and you receive full housing benefit then there is no rent payment due directly from you to Waverley.  Once the change is introduced you would only receive the Shared Accommodation Rate which is £56.96 per week.  The difference between the weekly rent of £63.57 and the Shared Accommodation Rate of £56.96 is £6.61 and this element of the rent would be due to be paid by you to Waverley.

If you are affected by this, Waverley will contact you nearer the time when this will be introduced to discuss any issues you may have in meeting this cost.

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