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Quarterly Prize Draw

At Waverley Housing we want tenants to be involved in everything we do. Tenant feedback plays a vitally important part in helping Waverley Housing to improve and develop our services to tenants.

Tenants who return their satisfaction surveys, questionnaires or other feedback requests will be entered into a Quarterly Prize Draw for a £100 shopping voucher which can be redeemed in over 80 stores.

Prize Winners for 2019/20

Quarter 1 (April – June)
Miss Brown – Earlston (satisfaction survey feedback) – No Photo Available
Mrs Potts – Hawick – (maintaining a clear rent account) – See Photo Below

Quarter 2 (July – September)
The prize draw for quarter 2 has taken place and the names of the tenants have been withheld at their request.

Prize Winners for 2018/19

Quarter 1 (April – June) – Mr Kinnear – Hawick / Mr Tsuma – Kelso

Quarter 2 (July – Sept) – Miss Brown – Jedburgh

Quarter 3 (Oct – Dec) – Mrs Ross – Kelso / Miss Tennant – Kelso

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