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Housing Benefit

Tenants on low income or who are in receipt of other benefits may be entitled to Housing Benefit.  If you are unsure whether you qualify for this you can contact Waverley Housing’s Tenancy Sustainment Officer for advice and assistance by calling our Customer Services Team on 01450 364200 or by discussing with your designated Housing Officer.

If you apply for Housing Benefit it is your responsibility to pay your rent as normal, while your claim is being processed by Scottish Borders Council.  If you apply for Housing Benefit, you must ensure that you provide the Council with all requested information, otherwise there may be a delay in processing the application, or the benefit determination may be less than expected.  This would result in arrears on your rent account for which you will be responsible.

If you are entitled to Housing Benefit, Scottish Borders Council will pay this on a four-weekly cycle in arrears.  If you are on partial Housing Benefit, you must arrange to pay the remainder of the rent in advance.

When you are allocated a house you must occupy it, furnish it and use it as your only or principal home.  If you fail to occupy the house, your entitlement to Housing Benefit may be affected.  Similarly if you are absent from your house for any length of time your entitlement to Housing Benefit may be affected.

You are not entitled to Housing Benefit for the rent on your garage unless the garage is an integral part of the house in which you live and the rent for the property is inclusive of the garage.

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