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Scottish Government lockdown restrictions have been extended until, at least, 19th July 2021.  The Scottish Borders is currently in Level 1.  The regulations for areas in Level 1 do not include a requirement that work in someone else’s home must be essential. This means other kinds of work, including repairs to your home, can go ahead.  All work will be done in line with the relevant guidance and regulations. This will include steps to protect both tenants and staff.

Our team will not enter your home if you or any of its occupants are self-isolating, except where the work is essential for emergency health and safety reasons. In those circumstances we will review our risk assessment processes, and will be especially vigilant in putting in place control measures throughout the duration of the work. The type of measures to be taken will include physical distancing; ensuring good ventilation; hand hygiene; avoiding unnecessary contact with household surfaces; cleaning of touch points/contacted surfaces and the use of face coverings.  This approach complies with the updated Scottish Government guidance on Covid19 restrictions.   External works to properties, stair cleaning where already provided, and estate works, may still be carried out.

If you wish to book a repair, please follow the directions on the Home Page of our website.   It is highly likely that any lifting of restrictions will require businesses to continue with physical distancing, and infection control measures, even beyond the 19th of July 2021.  This is likely to impact upon the number of staff who can work safely from our offices in Hawick, and this will affect our ability to reopen for public access.  We will continue to review the guidance, to ensure the safeguarding of tenants and staff, and seek to return to normal working, as soon as possible.

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