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Domestic Abuse – Impact of COVID-19

We all must stay at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but for thousands of women and children in Scotland, home is not a safe place to be. This is a particularly difficult time for women and children experiencing domestic abuse as social distancing and self-isolation will mean that women and children will have reduced contact with supportive friends, families, communities and services. 

Support and Advice if you are experiencing Domestic Abuse  

If you are looking for help or advice on domestic abuse, there are several services that can help if you:

  • are looking for advice, support or to discuss your options.
  • are thinking about leaving temporarily or permanently – it is important that you tell  someone, this could be a trusted friend, family member or employer. 
  • feel you need to get out immediately.
  • do not want to leave but need to get the abuser removed from your home.
  • have suffered any injuries, even if they seem slight, seek medical attention. You might feel better if you are able to take someone with you for moral support. 

You can contact:-

The National Domestic Abuse helpline, this is free and confidential and available 24 hours a day on 0800 027 1234 or visit

The Domestic Abuse Advocacy Support (DAAS)  service who are there to help anyone experiencing domestic abuse. Call 01835 825 024 or email for confidential advice and support.

Messages for friends, family and neighbours:

If you know someone who is experiencing domestic abuse, help is available.

If someone reaches out to you about domestic abuse, don’t delay in seeking help. Call the 24-hour Domestic Abuse Helpline in confidence, or DAAS, details above or visit

In an emergency call 999 or the 24-hour National Domestic Helpline on 0800 027 1234.

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