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Important Information Universal Credit Covid-19 cease of temporary payment increase

Please note that notifications began being issue to claimants via their online accounts, of the date of the last payment of their universal credit ‘uplift’ payment. These payments for all claimants will stop and your payments will resume to the amount you received pre-Covid-19.

Please look out for a message from DWP in your on-line account which will be similar to the example below: –
‘You have been getting an extra £86.67 each month since 27 April 2020. This was a temporary increase because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. This increase will end soon.
Your payment on 27 September 2021 will be the last time you receive this amount, further payments will be of that prior to the Covid temporary increase.’

The notification then invites the claimant to ‘get help with managing your money’ via the DWP’s Help with debt and managing money resource, or alternately if you prefer, you can speak to our Welfare Benefits Advisor by contacting us at or telephone 01450 364200 and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

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