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Upper Langlee Planning Application

Waverley Housing is pleased to announce that  Camerons, Strachan, Yuill  Architects have recently submitted a detailed planning application to Scottish Borders Council on our behalf for the demolition of 159 properties and provision of 109 new build properties in the Upper Langlee area of Galashiels where we currently  own  over 200 properties. The properties to be demolished are mostly in Beech Avenue with smaller numbers in Hawthorn Road, Larch Grove and Laurel Grove and residents living in the these properties will be offered the option of moving into one of the new properties once they are built. The 109 new properties contain a mix of 1,2,3 and 4 bed houses and flats and include 20 amenity flats for people aged over 50. The properties are designed to maximise the fantastic views over to the Eildon Hills where possible and will be fitted with air source hear pumps as part of the drive towards low carbon means of providing heating and hot water. A section of the road along Beech Avenue will be realigned as part of our efforts to slow down traffic and create a safe environment for residents.

As this is a major planning application it will take 4 months or so to be considered and decided on by the Council. Part of this consideration will include the evaluation of any comments submitted on the planning application and we would encourage residents on the estate to view the plans and make their views known. Residents wishing to view the plans can do so by going to click here. Over the last two years we have undertaken extensive consultation with residents on the estate about our regeneration plans and the feedback has been extremely helpful in allowing us to further develop and refine our plans to take on board these comments. As an example of this many residents advised that they would like to have their own front and back door and private garden area and we have acted on this to plan for 85 new properties that meet residents requirements.  Throughout this time we have worked closely with the Langlee Residents Association and look forward to continue the excellent working relationship as we move forward with these plans.

Gavin Yuill from the Architects confirmed that they were delighted to be involved in this high profile regeneration project for Waverley Housing. The plans and design represent a new future for the area whilst honouring the best qualities of the estate and residents feedback: this embodies our overall approach as a recently regenerating practice from Camerons to Camerons, Strachan Yuill Architects.

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