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Tenant Reward Scheme

Lots of our tenants act responsibly by paying their rent on time, looking after their homes and generally abiding by the terms of the tenancy agreement they signed up to. We want to recognise this through our Tenant Reward Scheme, introduced as a way to reward good tenant behaviour.  The range of initiatives covered by the scheme may vary from time to time in consultation with tenants.

Joining the Scheme

All tenants of Waverley Housing automatically become members of the scheme and there are 2 categories of membership (qualifying and non-qualifying members).  Tenants will cease to be a qualifying member if they fail to meet the required qualification criteria for incentives/prize draws or for any significant breach of their tenancy conditions.

Details of Awards

Rent Account

Keep your rent account fully paid up at the end of each month for 3 consecutive months, or if in arrears, keep to your repayment agreement for 3 months and you will automatically be entered into a draw with the chance to win £250 in shopping vouchers. Eligibility for this reward will also be open to those whose rent account is met by full housing benefit. Where a tenant is on partial benefit then the conditions set out in the above will apply. There will be four of these draws at the end of each quarter throughout the year. Winners are notified in writing as soon as possible after the draw has been made.

Satisfaction Surveys

Complete a survey when you have a repair carried out to let us know what you think of our service and you’ll be entered into a quarterly prize draw each quarter to win £100 in shopping vouchers. We value your feedback.


Download a copy of our Tenant Reward Policy click here.

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