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The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will hopefully answer the most common questions as asked by our tenants, however should you have a question which does not appear on this list please contact us and our Customer Services Team will do their best to assist.

Who can apply for housing with Waverley Housing?

Anyone aged 16 or over, though our priority is to provide housing to those who are most in need of it and so we use a points system to identify whether applicants qualify to go on our waiting list.  Further details can be found in our Find a Home section.

How do I apply for a property?

Before you can apply for one of our properties you must first Register with us by completing our Housing Application Form.   Once you have completed and returned this form to us we will issue you with the registration number you will require when bidding for any of our properties.

If you supply us with an email address we will send you an email at the start of each week advising you of our latest properties available to let.  Details of these properties will also be posted on our website within the Property Search section.

Can I swap home with somebody else?

Yes, mutual exchanges are encouraged where they will improve the housing circumstances of both parties.  The Homeswapper mutual exchange service was set up to enable tenants in rented properties to swap or exchange their homes, regardless of whether they want to upsize, downsize, move to another town within the Scottish Borders or even move away to another area within the UK.  Further information can be found in the Find a Home section.

Can I get help if I am on a low income?

Yes, you may be eligible to claim housing benefit to help with the rent.  If you are offered a property by Waverley Housing, we can enquire to see if you will qualify for housing benefit and will work out how much rent you would still need to find.  Further information can be found in our Make a Payment section.

How do I pay my rent?

We offer  our tenants a wide range of convenient ways to pay rent including online payment, a PayPoint card which can be used at Post Offices and various retailers in the area, direct debit, standing order or alternatively payment can also be taken over the phone or at our offices too. Further details of each option can be found in our Make a Payment section.

Why have I been sent a rent arrears letter when I do not pay rent?

If you get housing benefit, the council will pay your rent directly to Waverley Housing.  However, if your benefit has not been paid for any reason, your rent account will show that you are in arrears.  A claim for housing benefit is the responsibility of tenants and it is important to make sure that tenants give the council all the information needed to process a claim.  Further information can be found in our Make a Payment section.

What should I do about anti-social behaviour?

If you experience anti-social behaviour you should report the incident to your Housing officer who will investigate the complaint and take appropriate action.  A copy of our Anti-Social Behaviour Policy can be found in our downloads section.

How do I find out about permissions and changes to my tenancy?

Tenants will find the answers to their queries in their Tenancy Agreement and Tenants Handbook issued at the start of their tenancy. 

How can I report a repair?

Our online Housecall system allows tenants to report routine (e.g. non-emergency) repairs at anytime of the day.  If you prefer to notify us of your repair in another way than via our online system please visit our Repairs Reporting Methods section for other ways to contact us.

What should I do if I have an emergency repair outside office hours?

During evenings, weekends and public holidays, a call-out service will operate with repairs attended to by the tradesman on stand-by.  The contact number for emergency repairs is 07721 889 618 (please note this number is for genuine emergency repairs only.  Tenants will be charged for all call-outs which are subsequently found not to be an emergency).  Further information can be found in our Report a Repair section.

What should I do if I am dissatisfied with the service from Waverley Housing?

Let us know.  Customer feedback is very important to us and we will always try to solve any problems experienced by our tenants.  We have a complaints policy to ensure all complaints are attended to fairly.  Further information can be found in our Feedback section.

How do I end my tenancy?

If tenants wish to leave their tenancy they must give Waverley Housing at least 4 weeks notice in writing.  Our Customer Service team will confirm the actual tenancy end-date as we need this to tie into rent periods.  They will also provide information on the steps to take place before tenants leave the property such as inspection, meter readings and handing keys over etc.    Contact our Customer Services Team on 01450 364200.





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