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All Policies have been approved by the Board of Waverley Housing and will be subject to regular review by the Board in accordance with Waverley Housing’s review process.

Adaptations Policy
Allocations Policy
Annual Budget Process and Budget Virement Procedure

Anti-Social Behaviour Policy
Asbestos Management Policy
Assignation Policy
Board Members Expenses Policy
Code of Conduct (For Employees) Policy
Code of Conduct (For Governing Body Members) Policy
Compensation Scheme Policy
Complaints Handling Procedure (Inc Customer Facing)
Contractors Selection and Appointment Policy
Decant Policy
Development Policy
Disciplinary Policy
Domestic Abuse Policy – preventing and responding to (BHN)
Entitlements Payments Benefits Policy
Environmental Policy Statement
Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy
Estate Management Policy
Factoring Service Policy
Freedom Of Information Policy
Grievance Policy
Group Personal Pension Procedure
Health & Safety Policy Statement 2023-2024
Internal Decoration of Properties Policy
Keeping Pets Policy
Legionella Procedure with RA
Mutual Exchange Policy
Pay Policy
Performance Management Policy
Privacy Policy
Project Management Policy
Property Maintenance Policy
Purchase of Properties Policy
Recharges Policy
Records Retention and Disposal Policy with Schedule

Recruitment Selection Policy
Rent and Service Charge Setting Policy
Rent Arrears Policy
Right to Repair Procedure
Risk Management Policy
Safeguarding Children & Adults at Risk Policy
Staff Appraisal Policy
Standing Orders Policy – Conduct of Meetings

Subletting Policy (Tenants)
Succession Policy (Tenants)
Supporting and Responding to Domestic Abuse in the Workplace Policy

Tenants Right to Compensation Policy
Training & Development Policy
UK General Data Protection Regulation Policy (Employee & Board Member)
UK General Data Protection Regulation Policy
Unacceptable Actions Policy


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