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In connection with Selkirk Flood Prevention Scheme and their ongoing commitment to the Bannerfield community, R J McLeod co-ordinated a Garden Challenge in partnership with local organisations to tidy up the gardens of those in need, who were struggling with gardens that were overgrown or which had garden waste needing disposed of.

The Garden Challenge took place on Friday 2nd September at Bannerfield Estate, Selkirk and involved various volunteers “challenged” with 36 gardens to tidy, though on the actual day there were 45 gardens tidied by 4 teams with assistance from RJ McLeod’s tipper trucks and JCB’s to manage the waste sorting and collection.

Waverley provided 7 volunteers (Michelle; Tracy; Darren; Duncan; Cliff; Colin; Sharon) who worked alongside representatives of Blooming Selkirk; Rotary Club; Bannerfield Allotments Society; Land Engineering; Philiphaugh Community Centre and Scottish Borders Council to cut and strim grass; trim hedges and clear rubbish (including sheds and 3 piece suites!) from gardens with metal, timber and electrical goods segregated and transported to the local Community Recycling Facility.

Residents were delighted with the transformation of their gardens and as the day went on, others joined in the efforts to help move waste from gardens to the allocated skips with a procession of residents using various methods, such as wheelbarrows and wheelie bins to transport items to the skips provided.

All in all, a successful day with blood sweat and tears from the Waverley Team – prickly rose bushes and bees nests just a few of the hazards experienced!

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