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Good Neighbours Poster HeadingIt’s National Consumer Week this week and, since the theme is doorstep crime, it’s a good time to think about how you can organise with your neighbours to stop rogue traders and bogus callers. Most importantly, if you witness suspicious doorstep activity you can report it to Citizen’s Advice on 03454 040506.

Try to remember key details about the caller like their clothes, name and car registration. Keep hold of any flyers that may have been posted through the door or any paperwork that the Rogue Trader or Bogus Caller may have left. It can also be helpful, in such a situation, to call over to your neighbour and check that they are okay and not being unduly pressurised or otherwise made to feel unsafe. If the situation becomes volatile, however, you should call the police. Away from your home, if you spot signs in your professional life (you might work in healthcare, a bank or social care for example) that a client is being defrauded please speak up and sound the alarm. When neighbours work together and look out for each other, we can make Scotland an even safer place. Often the creation of a Neighbourhood Watch is the first step to working together in this way. You can find out more about National Consumer Week here

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