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#ScotAppWeek18  – Connor Brunton – Joiner – My Apprenticeship Story

Ever since I was young, I knew that my long term career goal was to become a joiner, so when at school, I applied myself in subjects such as woodwork and technical drawing, to ensure that I had the necessary skills and qualifications required. Upon leaving high school at the end of my fifth year, I applied to college to study joinery full time as I believed that this was the only way to achieve my future employment goal.  However once attending college, I was quickly made aware of a local apprenticeship with Waverley Housing, through my college lecturer, who then encouraged and supported me, initially when applying and continually throughout the interview process. I was then successfully appointed to the position, which meant that I benefited from a four-year apprenticeship, during which time I learned the skills practically on the job through support from a fully qualified and vastly experienced joiner. This allowed me to gain extensive amounts of knowledge and techniques, which I don’t feel I would have gained as quickly at college full-time. I did however attend recall sessions at the college throughout my four years, which helped to consolidate all experiences gained when working and also gain further skills which I had not previously been exposed to.

Therefore, through shared time between work and college, I feel that I achieved an excellent all-round education, which essentially set me up for my future career. Skills which I learned included: kitchen and bathroom fitting, how to fit windows and doors both externally and internally, how to successfully fit skirting and facings, as well as being taught to make a staircase from scratch. Whilst learning these crucial jobs, I was fortunate enough to receive a monthly salary. When in my third year of the apprenticeship I attended Advanced Craft workshops. These classes provided me with more sophisticated experiences, through learning skills such as making arched headed doors and constructing and fitting round windows.

 My apprenticeship fundamentally allowed me to reach my career goal without attending higher education or college full time. I gained expert training and support from skilled professionals, which enhanced my learning experience and allowed me to thrive. Through learning practically, it meant that I was able to perfect necessary skills quicker and easier, whilst receiving substantial financial benefits. After my apprenticeship, I was lucky enough to be offered a full time contract which I have now been in for two years. So ultimately, this training provided me a qualification but also a career.

When thinking about next steps, I feel that there are still options available within the company, which I can aim towards over the coming years. Therefore, for anyone considering a similar role, I would thoroughly recommend such schemes, due to the endless support and experience’s that can be had.




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