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#ScotAppWeek18 – Harris Campbell – My Apprenticeship Story

When I was at school I didn’t really know what I wanted to do however I knew that it had to be something practical because the subjects I chose to study at school were practical based, as I enjoyed these more than others.

So although I didn’t know what I wanted to do I knew I was looking for a hands-on job. I initially considered looking for a joinery apprenticeship. I attended an apprenticeship open day at Borders College and Waverley H1ousing were looking for a number of apprentices in joinery, roofing and painting and I decided to apply for the roofing apprenticeship.

I am now in the third year of my four year apprenticeship and have had a wide variety of experience with Waverley, not only on the roofing side of work but also in other trades. During my apprenticeship I attend Edinburgh College at their Granton campus on block release to learn about the trade.  When I am at work I can put the skills and knowledge I have learned at college into practice.

I feel that my skills are still improving all the time and I am always learning new things about the trade. I also think that for anyone thinking of travelling and working abroad at any time an apprenticeship allows you to work in your chosen trade as the qualification is recognised abroad.

Advice I would give anyone wanting to become an apprentice would be to expect good days and bad days. Nevertheless, you are making money from the word go and you need to have the right attitude towards work because this is something you have chosen to do.

At the moment, my long term goal is to have my own roofing business.

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