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Each year, the SHR carries out a risk assessment process to decide which level of engagement they will have with each registered social landlord in Scotland.

Each RSL falls into one of three broad categories of engagement: low, medium and high. The SHR publishes a regulation plan for each RSL that needs to have a high or medium level of engagement with the SHR. Each plan explains the RSL’s regulatory profile and sets out how we will engage with the organisation.

High engagement – needs an intensive or continuous engagement.

Medium engagement  – SHR requires further assurance other than from information returns alone.

Low engagement – no regulation plan required.

The SHR has completed their annual regulatory risk assessment for Waverley Housing and we are pleased to advise that the SHR has advised that they have decided to have low level engagement with Waverley at this time.

For a fuller explanation of the SHR’s approach to their Framework to Regulation of Social Housing in Scotland visit:

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