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Keep Safe SchemeKeep Safe is a Scottish Borders initiative developed in partnership with Safer Communities and people with disabilities. Keep Safe aims to ensure that vulnerable people can enjoy day to day life and activities free from fear, abuse or intimidation.

The Keep Safe scheme works with a network of businesses such as shops, libraries and cafes who have agreed to make their premises a ‘Keep Safe’ place for people to go if they feel frightened, distressed or are a victim of crime when out in the community.


Businesses who agree to take part are issued with a Keep Safe sticker to display in their premises window to let vulnerable people know that they provide a ‘Keep Safe’ place.

If a person goes into a ‘Keep Safe’ place and shows their contact card to staff, the staff member will reassure the person and ring one of the numbers on the card and/or contact the police if a crime has been committed.

The Keep Safe scheme was launched in Hawick on 10 March 2016 and Waverley Housing is pleased to support this fantastic initiative.

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