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Our Board of Directors have recently approved our Planned and Cyclical Maintenance Programmes which will see Waverley spending nearly £1.8 million pounds on upgrading properties and estates over the new financial year commencing April 2018.

The programmes have been developed using a number of sources of information including our ongoing stock condition surveys which help us to ensure that we are targeting resources in order of priority.

The table below gives a summary of the works to be undertaken. In addition to the works listed below we will also be looking to undertake various works to ensure our properties meet the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing and the details of these works will be confirmed over the coming summer. All tenants whose properties are due work under either of these maintenance programmes will be notified in advance of works taking place.

We will also continue to carry out the approximately 4,500 day to day repairs we are responsible for and void repair works to over 200 empty properties that we deal with each year.

Planned Maintenance Cyclical Maintenance
Item Number  
Bathrooms 48 External painting of 300 properties
Boilers 60 Servicing lighting in blocks of flats and, smoke alarms carbon dioxide and heat detectors in individual properties..
External Area Works 45 Paths, walls, trees and steps in common areas
Radiators 22
Doors 60  
Extractor Fan Replacement 15
Kitchens 90
Showers 8
Smoke/Heat Detection Systems 5
Windows 25
Facia Boards /Rainwater Goods 58

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