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Clare’s Law

A trial scheme which allows people to be told if their partner has been violent in the past is to be extended across Scotland.  The six-month trial in Aberdeen and Ayrshire saw 22 people warned their partners had history of domestic abuse.  Disclosures can be triggered by victims, friends, relatives, social workers or police officers.

The disclosure scheme, known as Clare’s Law, will be rolled out across the country later this year.

Police Scotland figures show the number of domestic abuse incidents reported in Scotland from 1 April 2014 – 31 March 2015 increased by 1,076 to 59,471 compared to the same period the year before.

How to Use it

Any person can make an application about their partner if they are concerned they may harm them; and any concerned party (such as a parent, relative, neighbour or friend) can also make an application if they are concerned.  However, a third party person making an application would not ordinarily receive information about the partner.  Information will only be given to someone who is in a position to use it to protect the person at risk.

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