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Mutual Exchanges

Mutual exchanges are encouraged where they will improve the housing circumstances of both parties.  You can apply to Waverley Housing for a Mutual Exchange once you have found a tenant to swap homes with.  The tenant must be either another Waverley tenant or a tenant of another Registered Social Landlord.

There are forms which require to be completed by both parties seeking permission to exchange their homes, and certain criteria will apply.  For further information on our Mutual Exchange Scheme, please contact us.

Homeswapper is an alternative mutual exchange service set up to enable tenants in rented properties to swap or exchange their homes, regardless of whether they want to upsize, downsize, move to another town within the Scottish Borders or even move away to another area within the UK.

Homeswapper uses the details provided by the tenant to automatically match them to other tenants who may have a home that would be suitable.  When Homeswapper finds a match, the tenants will be alerted by text or e-mail. Tenants can then log onto Homeswapper, look at the property they have been matched with and if they like the look of it, arrange to visit it.

There is a small fee payable to Homeswapper for using their scheme but statistics prove it really is successful and worthwhile.

  • 9 out of 10 members get automatically matched within 24 hours
  • members get an average of 16 matches
  • 282,000 people are listed online with hundreds more added every week
  • Homeswapper is approved by over 860 landlords.

To register for this service or for further information, visit the Homeswapper website.

Whilst most exchanges are straightforward, it should be noted that a mutual exchange will not be permitted without the express written agreement of all landlords concerned.  Waverley Housing reserve the right to refuse an exchange where it is considered that the exchange will result in serious overcrowding or under occupancy or that the house is in an unsuitable condition, regardless of any mutual agreements between tenants.

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