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How Our Houses Are Allocated

We allocate all our properties using the undernoted criteria:-

  1. Best Use
  2. Priority Award Level and Earliest date of Priority Award
  3. Earliest date of application to the housing list.

Best Use
Applicants are considered to meet Best Use by having a confirmed need (e.g. from your G.P.) for any adaptations or amenities within a property, or if the property is ground floor by having a confirmed medical need for ground floor accommodation, or simply by making use of all bedrooms within the property for their family composition.

Priority Award Level and Earliest date of priority award
Some applicants may be granted a priority award; if on shortlisting all bids for a property there are multiple applicants making Best Use, we will then look at applicants with any priority awards – the level of the award, Gold, Silver or Bronze (Gold being highest level of award), and the length of time applicants have held priority status, with the earliest date of priority award determining the successful applicant.

Date of Application onto Housing List
If after looking at Best Use, Priority Award level and earliest date of priority award, there remains multiple applicants qualifying for an allocation, the earliest date of application onto the housing list will determine the successful applicant.

We offer a number of our lets to applicants with no priority award, so it is not essential to have priority in order to be successful for an allocation. We would simply use Best Use and Date of Application to determine a successful applicant where no priority award is in place.

In exceptional cases, we reserve the right to allocate a property out-with this criteria, e.g. for any authorised management moves.

If you receive an offer of a property from us, you will not be able to bid for other properties advertised with another closing date until any existing offer is concluded.

Where applicants refuse two reasonable offers, their application will be suspended from the housing list along with any priority award for a period of three months. Following expiry of the 3 months period, both the application and any priority status will be automatically reinstated.  If you are homeless and have been referred to us by Scottish Borders Council, the number of offers is as agreed within the Protocol between us.

We have other properties available for immediate let which are allocated on a first come first served basis subject to the needs of the applicant.  Please let us know if you are interested.

For further information on how we allocate our properties please read our Applying for a Home with Waverley leaflet or give us a ring on 01450 364200 and a member of staff will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

Please click here find a copy of our Allocations Policy.

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