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Customer Charter

What we will do:
  • treat you fairly, with respect and courtesy, and in a polite and friendly manner;
  • communicate in plain English or in a different format e.g. large print or different language, upon request;
  • work hard to deliver outstanding services to meet our performance targets;
  • provide you with an Annual Charter Report giving you information on how we have performed across a range of indicators, in comparison to other housing providers;
  • provide you with the right information to make accessing our services easy for you;
  • provide and promote a variety of opportunities for you to get involved with us, and to give us feedback on the services we provide;
  • listen to what you have to say, and do what we say we will do or let you know if we have to change any commitment;
  • maintain our systems in accordance with data protection principles, treating your personal data appropriately;
  • ensure strong financial management in order that the services we provide you with are value for money.
What we expect you to do:
  • be polite to our staff and treat them with respect
  • pay your rent on time, look after your home and respect your neighbours
  • pay any other service or factoring charges on time so that we can maintain our common areas and estates well
  • tell us if you are having any difficulties, especially financially, so that we are able to support and help you
  • where we need to contact you, don’t ignore us – respond to our requests so that we can do our best for you
  • provide access to your home for any repairs or maintenance or annual gas servicing at agreed appointments, or tell us if you need to change an appointment
  • provide us with feedback on our services, so that where we have gone wrong, we can try to put things right and keep improving.

Working together to make a difference……

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