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Keeping tenants informed and involved is important to us.  We are committed to offering a wide range of opportunities for tenants to participate in.  Our Community Engagement Strategy sets out, in full, our commitment to keeping our tenants and other customers involved and informed.

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 gives tenants important rights as a tenant to get involved with their landlord, along with the Scottish Social Housing Charter which puts a greater focus on making sure tenants have their say on the way we manage our housing and housing related services.  We want to make it easy for tenants to communicate with us.  Below is a summary of the ways our tenants can get involved.

A Guide to Tenant Participation

Customer Review Panel

A group of tenants who have an interest in helping us improve by scrutinising the services we deliver.

Tenant Opinion Panel

Want to be kept involved but not able to come to meetings?  No problem – join our mailing list to receive surveys and questionnaires by post or email.

Annual General Meeting

A great chance for tenants to get together and meet each other.  Waverley Housing presents an overview of activities carried out in the year and the service improvements implemented as a result of tenant participation and feedback.

Focus Group

When a change in practice or an improvement is proposed which affects tenants, a focus group is sometimes put in place with up to 10 tenants invited to meet up with Waverley housing staff.  This focus group environment enables the views and opinions of tenants to be heard and offers the opportunity for tenants to be involved in the suggested improvements to services.

Local Residents Group

Having a residents group within their area allows tenants to get involved with issues that affect their area, to build on the services being received and to generally increase the community spirit within the area.  Applications to form a registered tenants organisation will be accepted when 3 or more residents have expressed an interest in forming a residents group.

Waverley Housing Board

Waverley Housing is governed by a voluntary Board which oversees the strategic direction of the business.  Board Members come from all walks of life and are people who are interested in, and support our activities.   Board Members can be tenants or residents in our communities, they can have a housing background or they can offer specific technical experience, knowledge and skills from something unconnected to housing.

The board holds a minimum of 6 meetings each year and if you would like to find out more information about what this entails please give us a ring on 01450 364200 for an informal chat.

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