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How do I pay my rent?

We offer our tenants a wide range of convenient ways to pay rent including: 
Online payment (set us up as a payee with your own bank), you need to provide your name, address and tenancy reference number and our details are:-
Royal Bank of Scotland
Account Name:      Waverley Housing
Sort Code:               83-23-01
Account No:            00271371

PayPoint card which can be used at Post Offices and various
retailers in the area displaying the sign 

Direct Debit
Standing Order
Payment can also be taken over the phone or at our office

For tenants who are in receipt of benefits, please speak to your Housing Officer for the best way for you to pay your rent – this can be made directly from your Housing Benefit or Universal Credit to Waverley Housing, or you may choose to pay by one of the methods above.

Click on each link below for further information.

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