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Waverley Housing is governed by a voluntary Board which oversees the strategic direction of the business.  Board Members come from all walks of life and are people who are interested in and support our activities.   Board Members can be tenants or residents in our communities, they can have a housing background, or they can offer specific technical experience, knowledge, and skills from something unconnected to housing.  

Some Board Members will offer life experiences whilst others will bring professional expertise to the table.  Every Board Member shares the same level of responsibility, regardless of their background. Membership is open to anyone willing to act as a Director however, it is not possible for an employee of Waverley Housing to become a Board Member and any existing Board Member would automatically step down if they become an employee of the Waverley Housing.

Members use their skills, knowledge and experience for the benefit of Waverley Housing, and our tenants.  The maximum number of Board Members is 10 and the minimum number is 7.  The Board holds a minimum of 6 meetings each year and is made up of an independent Chair and 9 Directors, as well as currently the Chief Executive acting as Company Secretary. 

We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated people to help us meet the challenges ahead and complement the existing Board with areas of skill, experience and/or knowledge in:

  • Construction
  • Housing Regeneration
  • ICT & Social Media
  • Housing Repairs and Maintenance
  • Asset Management
  • Finance

In return we can offer you a real sense of making a difference, learning and development opportunities, Board Member training, support, team working, new project experiences.

What we need from you – enthusiasm, commitment, long term vision, drive to take new ventures forward.

If you are interested in becoming a Board Member download our information pack from the link below for further details.

Board Member Recruitment Pack

Visit our library area for information from discussions at recent Board meetings.

Click on Board Members names for profiles.

Ronnie Dumma
Member Director & Chair
Ian Davidson
Member Director
& Vice Chair
David Gordon
Member Director
Billy Robson
Member Director
Garyth Thomas
Member Director
Christine Stewart
Member Director
Julie Watson
Member Director
Kate Christie
Member Director
Alan Brown
Member Director

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