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Fair Working First

Waverley Housing recognises the contribution which every member of staff makes to the Company and are keen to ensure that working with Waverley Housing is a fulfilling, rewarding and enjoyable experience for all staff. We will seek to maximise the use of all staff members existing skills, knowledge, experience and talent but will also help to develop staff professionally and personally.

All staff are issued with our employee handbook.  The handbook is designed to deal with recurring issues which may arise in employment and to enable staff to have access to answers for many of the questions which arise. Staff also have open access to their line managers and our Human Resources Officer. Waverley Housing is proud of its reputation as a good employer and strive for all staff to enjoy a rewarding and satisfying employment.

Waverley Housing have an active Social Club for Waverley Housing Employees, with a varied events calendar.

There is a Staff Focus Group (SFG) representing all sections within the company, this group meets monthly to consider ideas out forward from staff and to discuss any issues staff may have raised.

Waverley are committed to hearing our staff and recently completed a staff satisfaction survey the results of which will be discussed at the SFG.

We have a training and development Policy and commit to spending £20,000 on staff training and development each financial year.  All staff members have an individually tailored training matrix this covers essential health and safety training but also looks at personal development.  Staff are encouraged at appraisals and reviews to bring forward ideas for training.

We have no zero hours contracts in place and do not use these contracts.  All staff have a contract which outlines employment entitlements including sick pay.  Our salary basis is a spot salary regardless of gender in post.  We are registered as a Living Wage Employer For the real cost of living | Living Wage Foundation.  All staff are entitled to 32 days annual leave + an additional 6 days over the festive period or pro rata for part-time staff.

We operate a flexible working policy including compressed hours, altered hours, hybrid working and flexi time.

Waverley Housing have a succession plan that looks at all roles.  Within this plan consideration is given to staff development in terms of progression and promotion.  Also included in this plan is supporting staff as they consider retirement.  The scheme offers staff up to one additional day’s paid leave per month in the period six months to three months before retirement, and up to one additional day’s paid leave per week in the last three months before the retirement date.

We provide a health screening programme through NHS Borders Occupational Health service which includes, HAVs, skin and hearing screening.  All employees have access to Occupational Health including accessing their counselling service, early access to physiotherapist service, etc.  Waverley also pay into a private health scheme for all staff.

All staff are enrolled in a non-contributory pension scheme and Waverley pay 10% of the employee’s salary in to this scheme.

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