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The war in Ukraine is leading to the biggest crisis seen in Europe since WWII. Housing Associations across the country continue to work closely with local authorities to assist with re-housing of families and individual who have fled the conflict.  We know that many tenants have already helped by offering space in their homes to individuals and families who have fled to Scotland.

Please remember you need your landlord’s permission to do this. There are lots of important reasons for this. For health and safety reasons we need to know who is living in your home; we also need to make sure you can accommodate more people without overcrowding.  In addition, we may be able to support you and the Ukrainian families you are hosting at this challenging time.

It is impossible to predict what the outcome of this conflict will be. It may be that you might have your guests for a number of months, or even longer. It’s vital that we make sure any homes offered are suitable, to minimise further upheaval for people who have already been through a very traumatic experience. As a potential host, you would also be required to undergo checks by Disclosure Scotland.

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