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Repair Categories

Waverley Housing is responsible for most fair “Wear and Tear” repairs to tenant’s homes but there are some items that the tenants are responsible for.  These are listed below, though this list is intended as a rough guide and so tenants should also contact the office or their Housing Officer for further information.

Also, tenants are responsible for any repairs arising from accidental damage, malicious damage or through negligence and where this type of work is required, tenants will be charged with the cost of the repair as well as any associated costs.

Repairs that tenants are responsible for
  • Plugs and plug fuses
  • Light bulbs, fluorescent strips and starters
  • Replacement batteries for smoke detectors
  • Electric & Gas fires (unless provided by Waverley Housing)
  • Washing machine and dishwasher valves, inlet pipes and wastes
  • Blockage of wastes to toilet/sink/bath or washbasin (if blockage caused by tenant this will be a re-charge, for example caused by flushing baby wipes/nappies down the toilet)
  • Toilet seats
  • Sink plugs and chains
  • Tumble dryer vents
  • Appliances such as cookers, fridges, washing machine (unless provided by Waverley Housing)
  • Clothes pulley and ropes
  • Shower unit (unless provided by Waverley Housing)
  • Shower enclosures (unless provided by Waverley Housing)
  • Shower trays (unless provided by Waverley Housing)
  • Shower screen or curtain rail (unless provided by Waverley Housing)
  • Shower curtain
  • Doorbell
  • Door chain
  • Door nameplate (& numbers affixed by the tenant)
  • Internal letter-plate or flap
  • Replacement keys and door entry key fobs (unless where the key fobs are faulty)
  • Night Latch – Yale type locks  (unless provided by Waverley Housing)
  • Single/double external glazing (unless due to vandalism reported to the Police and an incident slip provided)
  • Double glazing (internal)
  • Internal glass screens
  • Floor tiles (unless in communal areas)
  • Cleaning of common stairwells (unless the property is factored)
  • Floor coverings including carpet, vinyl & laminate flooring
  • Driveways (unless part of the pedestrian access to the house or provided by Waverley Housing)
  • Garden paths
  • Garden huts
  • Outbuildings and garages (unless provided as part of the lease)
  • Greenhouses
  • Rotary driers and ropes (unless rotary drier provided by Waverley Housing)
  • Clothes ropes
  • Coal bunkers (unless provided by Waverley Housing)
  • Insect infestation including wasp nests (unless Waverley Housing made aware at the time of letting the house)
  • Vermin
  • TV aerials
  • Wardrobe rails
  • Coat hooks
  • Internal decoration

There are 4 categories of repairs deemed as re-chargeable and these are detailed below.  Further information on this can be found in our Other Charges page or by reading our Recharges Policy or your Tenancy Agreement.

  • Repairs which are the responsibility of the tenant
  • Access recharges
  • Repairs undertaken as a result of a breach of tenancy conditions
  • Void recharges

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