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Emergency Repairs

These are repairs which fall under Waverley Housing’s responsibility rather than a tenant’s and if left unattended would constitute a danger to life or limb or result in immediate serious damage to the fabric of the property, example being burst pipes or complete loss of power etc.

These repairs will be attended to within 4 hours of notification to initially remove the source of hazard and make safe.  However, this target may not be met if circumstances outwith our control prevent us from doing so, for instance, no access provided, storm conditions or other adverse weather which would make working unacceptably dangerous or if the repair is dependent on the availability of parts or materials.

During Office Hours:

For all emergency repairs during office hours (8:45am – 5pm Monday to Thursday and 8:45am to 3:45pm Friday), please contact us as follows:

  • By telephone to our dedicated Repairs line 0800 104 105 (free of charge from landlines)

We will need the following information from you when reporting a repair:

  • Your name and address
  • nature of the problem
  • access details
  • does it affect you only or does it impact on your neighbours or a common area
Outside of Office Hours:

During evenings, weekends and public holidays, a call-out service will operate with emergency repairs attended to by the tradesman on stand-by.  The contact number for emergency repairs is 07721 889 618 (please note this number is for genuine emergency repairs only.  You will be charged for all call-outs which are subsequently found not to be an emergency).

Emergencies can happen at anytime and to anyone.  Make sure that you know what to do about them and take note of where the following are located in your home:

  • fire escape routes
  • water supply stopcock
  • gas meter shut-off valve
  • gas pilot lights
  • electricity main switch
  • central heating controls
Other Emergency Numbers:

Police, Fire or Ambulance
Call 999

Gas Leaks (National Grid)
Call 0800 111 999
(or for the hard of hearing Minicom/Textphone)
Call 0800 37 17 87

Power Failure (Scottish Power)
Call 0845 272 7999

Burst Pipes outwith your property (Scottish Water)
Call 0845 601 8855

Note:   If you have burst or frozen pipes, please carry out the following:

  • turn off the water at the main stopcock and turn on all cold taps
  • switch off the electricity at the mains if water comes into contact with electrical fittings
  • switch off any water heaters
  • switch off your central heating

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