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Right to Repair

Tenants have a right to have small urgent repairs up to the value of £350 carried out by us within a given timescale. The repairs covered under the Right to Repair scheme are known as ‘qualifying’ repairs.  If a tenant reports one of these types of repair, the work must be completed within the maximum time stated as long as they can provide suitable access to the workman.

Failure to complete a repair within the maximum time allowed shall entitle tenants to £15 in compensation for the first working day over, plus £3 for each additional working day on which the repair has not been completed, up to a maximum of £100.  The scheme also allows tenants the right to instruct an alternative contractor to do the work and send the bill to us provided that:-

  • the work was not completed by us within the maximum time allowed
  • tenants  have complied with access arrangements
  • tenants contact us to advise us of the failure to complete the work before instructing an alternative contractor
  • tenants have selected a contractor on our Approved Contractor list
  • the cost of any single qualifying repair does not exceed £350

If an alternative contractor is instructed and the above conditions are not met tenants may be recharged the cost of the repair.

Download our Right to Repair leaflet or for further information see our Repair Response Timescales page or read our Property Maintenance Policy.

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