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Estate Walkabouts

Our Housing Officers organise walkabouts on our estates, which all tenants and residents who live on that estate are invited to join in.

The walkabouts – also known as estate inspections – involve walking around the estates where our homes are located and identifying concerns that need to be addressed.  This could include issues such as repairs, state of grounds and communal areas, or incidents of fly-tipping etc.

We will take on board everything that is identified or discussed, and come back to the office and prepare a plan of action as to how we will address issues raised.  We will of course keep you informed of what these are, what we intend to do about them and in what timescale.

Who can attend a walkabout?

Any tenant or resident living in the estate can join an estate walkabout.

How can I get involved?

If these planned walkabouts are in your area, please come along and join us.  If you require further details regarding any of the scheduled walkabouts please contact

Latest Update

We have recently completed our final Estate Walkabout of summer 2017 having undertaken these in Galashiels, Hawick and Newtown St Boswells. Unfortunately we have had a poor response from residents and tenants joining us on the Walkabouts which allow residents and tenants an opportunity to meet with our staff to carry out an in depth check of streets and properties within designated areas . They are a very practical example of our commitment to work in partnership with our tenants to ensure our estates are kept in good condition.

We have compiled a list of actions to follow up on issues that have been picked up on the Walkabouts including-

  • Contacting some tenants to have their gardens tidied.
  • Liaising with Scottish Borders Housing Association to deal with fly tipping in a block of flats in Hawick.
  • Progressing some repairs required to individual properties.
  • Exploring options for dealing with an area of overgrown ground in Borthaugh Road Hawick
  • Contacting Scottish Borders Council to resolve refuse disposal issues in Newtown St Boswells and Galashiels
  • Reminding tenants of the need to keep communal fire doors closed and not to store inappropriate items in stairwells.

 If you would like your area to be included in a future Estate Walkabout please let us know.

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