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We understand that from time-to-time some people have difficulty in paying their rent.  Usually this is a temporary problem caused by illness, unemployment, other debts, a break-down in their relationship or other family crisis. This can cause a great deal of worry and financial hardship, however, help and advice is always available.

If you are struggling to pay your rent on time, contact the office as soon as possible on 01450 364200 and ask to speak to your Housing Officer;  the sooner you tell us about your situation, the easier it will be to sort out.  A confidential meeting will be arranged with your Housing Officer.

In most cases, rent arrears can be dealt with by making an arrangement to pay an extra amount over an agreed period of time.  This can be done by:

  • ensuring weekly rent payments are made to prevent arrears from rising
  • making regular additional weekly payments towards arrears
  • making larger monthly instalments towards the arrears

Waverley Housing will only agree a repayment arrangement with you if you are able to keep the arrangement.  The arrangement will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Remember, paying rent is not a matter of choice, if tenants miss payments and do not contact the office, Waverley Housing will take legal action to recover the amount owed and as a last resort will evict tenants from their home and ask the court to award legal costs against them.

What’s in it for me?

Over a twelve week period we can help you tackle those money worries that cause you so much stress.  Under our expert guidance we aim to help you gain confidence, knowledge and tools to get on top of your finances and keep them under control – and, we help you make all the right connections too.

Together we will:
  • Plan out the best ways forward for your circumstances
  • Make sure you get all the benefits you are entitled to
  • Discuss your best banking options
  • Prioritise and deal with your bills and debts
  • Discuss your borrowing options
  • Advise on savings on food, fuel and lifestyle costs
  • Look at ways to reduce your home energy bills
  • Help you work out a personal budget
What do I do?

First, call us for a confidential chat on 0300 303 9696 .  We will explain how we work with you.  We will explore circumstances and arrange suitable times and dates.

You are not alone and we can help.  So, don’t get in deeper, phone us today and start your journey to peace of mind.

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