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How Rent Is Calculated

The rent and any associated service charge are agreed when you sign your Tenancy Agreement and are subject to an annual review in accordance with our Rent and Service Charge Setting Policy

Rent is due weekly in advance.  The rent week starts on a Monday and you must arrange to pay your rent on or before each Monday.  Alternatively, you may select to pay your rent fortnightly or monthly (contact the office to make arrangements) but no matter how you choose to pay it, you should always pay in advance.  Any outstanding balance is treated as rent arrears.

Rents are collected over 52 weeks of the year.

Waverley Housing sets rents according to its Rent and Service Charge Setting Policy and rents contribute to the costs of:

• Managing and maintaining our houses
• Improving properties (e.g. installing new kitchens/bathrooms at the end of their life)
• Rent loss through empty properties and abandonments

Rent and Service Charges are reviewed every year.  Any changes have to be approved by the Board of Waverley Housing and we will write to tenants one month before the increase is due.  Normally, rent increases are implemented at the beginning of the financial year (i.e. from first Monday in April).

Tenants are responsible for paying their own Council Tax.  If you require further information on this please contact Scottish Borders Council on 0300 100 1800.

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